Academy of Civic Education 2018, Session 1

June 14 is the first day of the ACE session 1, traditionally it is opened by the President of the Kyrgyz Republic (06.2010-12.2011) Rosa Isakovna Otunbayeva. About importance of book reading, thinking critically and benefit society and the country through self-development.

At the first session — the founder of the Association of Social Entrepreneurs of Kyrgyzstan Mirbek Asangariev. On experience on the way to civic awareness, difficulties, successes and opportunities that are opened to entrepreneurs in Kyrgyzstan. Why is it important to be socially useful in our modern society?

The agenda of the session 1 of the Academy of Civic Education is Thinking. That’s why, on the first day, we organized a skype conference with Aijarkyn Kojobekova, a senior consultant at the UNUM Analytical Center.

Aijarkyn Kojobekova shared with the presentation «Paradigms of cognition or how we think the world». On the main stages of cognition of the world: positivism, empirio-criticism, neopositivism, post-positivism, constructivism. Types of constructivism. On the changes of scientific knowledge and how to apply the concept of paradigm shift in the corporate world.

Analytican Center Polis Asia in cooperation with UNUM organizing a separate session — Summer School on History and Memory in Central Asia, where you will have the opportunity to meet with unique experts and get more knowledge about paradigms, theory and practice. Details on the link to the event.

It is hard to understand how a representative of the» office «contributed to exposing his colleagues, even such if the events happened in the past? How do you explain this? «- Academy of Civic Education participant.

«We all humans. There, on Ata Bayit, there are also people, somebody’s fathers,» says Bolot Abdrakhmanov. KGB Major, thanks to the persistence of whom the state decided to open and reburial Ata Bayit.

We are watching a documentary about how excavations were carried out, not even graves, abandoned, with people shot in 1937.

Today we visited the Ata-Bayit Memorial Complex. After visiting the complex — we all had many questions and reflections. Which we now share live with the Esimde team:

Эсимде/Esimde team at the Academy of Civic Education session. Speech by Eleri Bitikci: «Memory and Identity» Round table with Zarina Urmanbetova Elmurat Asan Eleri Bitikci — Talk about Memory, reflection after visiting the Ata-Beyit Memorial Complex.


The most interesting presentation of Emil Umetaliev at the first session of the Academy of Civic Education. Aarylar/Chymyndar. Givers / Takers. What is innovation? What opportunities does it give? Can Innovation be local? About this and much more, our permanent — Emil agay! Rahmat! # Аарылар # АГП #ACE

Azamat Dikambaev — director of the National Institute for Strategic Studies of the Kyrgyz Republic. On thinking practices. Thinking is instrumental, and is an instrument of knowledge of the world, process management.

Why do countries fight for the generation of technology. The gap between thinking and consumption. The difference that grows between thinking + technology and innovation and consumption / consumers.

Nurbek Toktakunov — lawyer, co-founder of Legal company PRECEDENT.  He is a modern contemporary philosopher.

Dilbar Ashimbai:
«I can not talk about success, it’s some kind of imaginary magnitude.» We all are successful in something. »
«It does not matter where to live, your inner world depends on how you create, self-fulfilling yourself.» You can be happy everywhere. »

Today we have a very cordial conversation with the Master, with the Woman, with the Artist, with the Football, Ballet, figure skating fan.

Shamil Ibraghimov — the role model of a modern Kyrgyz citizen. Excellent educated, open, constantly sharing his experience and recommendations. He studied at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, in Harvard.
But we asked Shamil to share the history of women in his family.

The situation with Burulai sets a very sad discourse towards women in the country.

«My Grandmother, this year she would have turned 100. This is Alia’s story, I was her favorite grandson.»
«My Mom was born already in Dudinka (Gulag)».
«My Spouse, we are equal in rights — this is important for me»
«Three generations of Women of my family have formed my values»

It was a very deep and open lecture.

Gamal Bokonbaev, with an exclusive presentation «НОВЫЙ ОБЩЕХУД» about social art in politics, economics, social in a large historical period.

A very instructive course set in a very informal, ironic, Gamal-like manner. He is the one who knows everything about the culture and art of the KR.  Despite the fact that he has a serious title — a member of the Union of Artists of the Kyrgyz Republic, he is an «extrasystemic» person. This can be seen in his installations, curatorial projects, texts and irony.

Natalia Andrianova — artist, designer, teacher.  She is a participant of regional and international photo exhibitions. Natalia initiated several Kyrgyz art projects related to photography and design.

Natalia shared with the Academy of Civic Education a presentation «Soviet and non-Soviet poster in the Kyrgyz Republic.» Where the participants saw themselves in a new way, the society is in the mirror of the latest, actual posters, through the lens of the signs on the windows and other everyday advertisements.

After the short film «Seyde» it’s hard not to conduct a discussion, just talk.  A film about a girl, about a person, about her decision and friendship with a horse, a film about the silence in one particular family, and in the most beautiful valley among the mountains. Everything is calm and laconic. Only people, hands. People and horses.

The discussion was tough and truthful. The director answered the questions of the participants. About social patriarchy, and economic matriarchy.