About us

The Academy of Civic Education is a community of equal, active, critical thinking, reflective, successful in their creative and professional niches people.

This is an open platform for discussions, new discoveries and reflections.

The concept of citizenship in Kyrgyzstan is increasingly blurred, giving rise to more questions than answers.

Who is a citizen?

What qualities should he possess?

Are the state and citizens in our country mutually responsible?

Today we live in a situation where there is a high fragmentation of society, the substitution of universal human values by radical ones. We lack a rational understanding of the processes, knowledge and already accumulated experience for the development of the state and society. Whereas civic education is the dissemination of knowledge and the promotion of cultural and social values that form a sense of belonging among members of society to the country in which they live.

The Academy of Civic Education is an informal platform that seeks to spread an effective and critical attitude to social reality, based on free personal choice, moral convictions, and the ideals of equality of citizens.

The Academy brings together representatives of a new generation of public and political leaders, representatives of the media, culture and education, business and the non-profit sector – and all those who are open to new knowledge and make efforts to develop their community, region and country.

The main goal of the Academy is to form a pool of like-minded people who recognize the need and importance of the rule of law and its partner – civil society.a

Address:  Zhukeeva Street – Pudovkina, 44/1, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
E-mail: akademiya.kg.2017@gmail.com